1How do I contact the property owner/manager?

If you’ve already made a booking online, you can manage your booking and contact the owner here: “Manage my booking”. Simply enter your booking reference and email address to get started.

The owner/manager of the property should provide their contact details when you make your booking. They will be able to do this once you've paid your full balance.

If you don’t have their contact details:

Check any emails you’ve received from the owner/manager. You can reply to the email to contact them.

If you booked online, see your booking confirmation email (their phone number should be listed here) or sign in to go to “Manage my booking” to see the owner’s/manager’s details.

If you’re not having any luck with the first two options, send them a new inquiry via the Contact the owner section on their listing.

Always check your spam/junk folder in case they’ve already responded.

If you’re still having problems contacting the property owner/manager, get in touch with us and we will look into this for you.

2Why can't I call the property owner/manager before booking?

You can exchange contact details with the property owner/manager once your booking is confirmed and you’ve paid in full. Paying and communicating only through our platform allows us to ensure that your booking is covered by our Payment Protection policy.

If you have any questions before booking, you can send the property owner/manager a message via the contact form on their listing. Once you’ve booked, you can discuss the rental and make arrangements for your trip by logging into Manage my booking.

3How do I know my booking is safe?

The booking process depends on how the property owner/manager has decided to take payments.

We’re passionate about protecting your money and your holiday, so read on for our top tips on keeping your booking safe.

Paying online with Payment Protection

Wherever you see the Payment Protection logo, you must pay for your stay online via our payment platform to be covered.

Payment Protection gives you extra peace of mind when booking a holiday let. It means that in the unlikely event that you’re prevented access to your rental, or if it differs materially to the listing, we’ll offer a full refund for the stay. More about Payment Protection.

4Can I pay for my holiday in installments?

When you book your rental through our website, the owner will ask you to either:

  • pay the full balance up front
  • pay a deposit to confirm the booking and then the remaining balance closer to your arrival date

Unfortunately, you can’t pay for the balance of your holiday in installments. If the balance isn’t paid on time, your booking will be subject to the cancellation policy, so please contact the owner if you think you may have problems paying the remaining balance.

5What is the GDPR?
The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a set of new data privacy laws that will take effect in the European Union (EU) on 25th May 2018. The GDPR will extend the data privacy rights of individuals in Europe by making businesses more transparent about how user data is collected, stored and transferred
6How does it change existing privacy laws?
The GDPR acts as a single set of rules that better protects personal information for people across the EU. The new law also introduces some changes regarding certain rights of individuals and the manner and time in which companies should respond to requests regarding personal data.
7What data does TripAdvisor Rentals hold?

When booking a rental on our website, we only collect information relevant to your booking – for example, your name, email address and a contact number. If you have an active booking or have booked a rental in the past, you can see what data you’ve supplied to us by logging into the Manage my booking page, using your booking reference and the email address used to book.

If you’ve left a review following your stay, you’ll also have created a TripAdvisor member account. You can review and amend your account settings and info for that account.

8What is TripAdvisor Rentals’ commitment to Data Protection?

We retain certain information to help us protect our users and commercial partners from fraudulent activity. In order to detect, track and combat instances of fraud, it’s essential for us to keep data relating to current and former users on file.

We only keep this information for a period that is justified for the purposes mentioned above and you can review this in more detail in our Privacy Policy. Rest assured, we treat your personal information with the utmost respect and confidentiality.

9Can I confirm my booking instantly?

Some owners and managers allow instant bookings. This means you can choose available dates and book immediately, without sending a booking request. After you agree to the house rules and submit your payment details, you’ll receive a booking confirmation email. Simple!

If the owner does not take instant bookings, you’ll need to send a booking request. After you submit your payment details, you’ll receive an email saying that the owner has 24 hours to respond. As soon as they accept, we'll email you to confirm your booking.

Before you book, remember to review the property’s house rules and booking policies. It’s the easiest way to ensure you’re happy with the owner’s terms and know what to expect.

10How do I know what it will cost for my stay?

Just filter your search by your check-in and check-out date for an estimated nightly rate based on a weekly stay.

Once you've found a property you like, click on the listing to see the full details. If you see the Ready to book? form then enter your dates of stay and the number of guests to calculate the cost of your stay. To see a full breakdown of the cost, click Request Booking.

If there's no Ready to book? form, send an inquiry to get more details about the property and pricing information.

Please note: Some properties do not show nightly rates. If your trip is for more or less than seven nights, the owner may contact you with an amended quote.